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This week in Java #1

This Week in Java #1

  • OpenJDK finished the migration to the GitHub.
  • Azure Spring Cloud is out. It’s a platform for deploying and managing Spring Boot and Spring Cloud-powered services and software built on Microsoft Azure. It is jointly built, operated, and supported by Microsoft and VMware.
  • Eclipse IDE 4.17 Release Candidate 1 is out. It introduces some new features, including support for JEP 358: Helpful NullPointerExceptions.
  • GitHub released a new report about the latest incidents and availability problems.
  • On July 10, 2020, JetBrains hosted a Technology Day for Java. Presentations and videos for them are now available here.
  • A new R2DBC adapter for MyBatis is out. A lot of Chinese in the README 😛
  • Eclipse Ditto 1.2.0 is out. Eclipse Ditto is an open-source framework for creating and managing digital twins in the IoT. The new release is focused on “At least once” (QoS 1) processing, injecting timestamps and metadata, HTTP auth of push connections with client certificates.
  • Big Data Tools update is out: SSH tunnels, filters and limits for Spark Monitoring apps tab, user-defined modules, and a ton of fixes and improvements.
  • Spring Tools 4.7.2 has been released. This release introduces an entirely new wizard in Eclipse to add Spring Boot starter modules to existing projects and an early experimental version of Spring Boot OCI image building support combined with Docker.
  • Eclipse Dirigible 5.2 is out. A new release brings us OData generation from the Entity Data Model and expanded OData support overall. Dirigible is a Cloud Development Platform that provides its development tools and a runtime environment.
  • A new open source Kubernetes kubectl plugin has been released. It is written in Java and ran using jbang.
  • A new cool demo project that demonstrates a wave effect by generating irregular contours connected using smooth QuadCurve Bezier paths. The waves animate by adjusting the control points of the contour itself.
  • Another cool demo project. It’s a Special Effect demonstrated in JavaFX for shrouding a standard GUI with a colorized shadow (making it opaque to the viewer) and then adding a “spotlight”, which dynamically interacts with the underlying GUI Nodes via line of sight connections.
  • A new exciting command-line utility is out. It can automatically add missing import statements in a Java file. Check it on Github or read an announcement on Reddit.


  • Chaos Probe is out: a new stability analysis tool for deep learning models built using JavaFX. You can check a demo on YouTube. It is an application written entirely in Java and JavaFX, 14 which provides an interactive visualization of deep learning models (Keras) designed for image classification.
  • Google’s deep-learning model called BigBird allows Transformer neural networks to process sequences up to 8x longer than previously possible. It may increase performance on several NLP tasks, including question-answering and document summarization.


  • I found a Reddit thread dedicated to finding the slimmest JDK docker image.
  • A new thread on Reddit about the small experimental HTTP server that uses Project Loom.
  • The same Redditor opened two random questions on how to use Java on GPUs and FPGAs.


  • Snyk has released new tools for prioritizing security vulnerabilities. You can accelerate triaging with features like “Priority Score”, “Exploit Maturity”, and so on.
  • AWSSSMChaosRunner is out. It’s a chaos engineering library by AWS. It will allow us to execute commands on a specific set of EC2 instances remotely. All the library sources are open, but this doesn’t make much sense because you still must use it against proprietary technologies.
  • Google announced a new service-oriented architecture Runner v2 to the Dataflow – their GCP service for executing Apache Beam pipelines.
  • Amazon AWS announces AWS Contact Center Intelligence solutions. New Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) solutions will provide the power of AI for contact centers. You can use Amazon Kendra, Amazon Translate, Amazon Transcribe, and partner services of companies like Accenture, Acqueon, Slalom, and Vonage.

Streams & Podcasts

  • A new episode of Josh Long’s “A Bootiful Podcast.” We will discuss SpringOne 2020, Josh’s book “Reactive Spring,” with Microsoft Java Architect and fellow Java Champion Jonathan Giles.
  • “Unit Tests Considered Harmful.” It’s a new Adam Bien’s podcast episode on Airhacks.
  • A new podcast by Yan Cui on Serverless Orchestration & Choreography, Distributed Tracking, Cold Starts, and more.
  • video tutorial on how to get started with native Java Applications using NetBeans IDE, GraalVM and Gluon.




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