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Protest marches

To my English-speaking friends, I think that is quite an important idea. Look at this clip, this is a protest march in Saint Petersburg.

Special Forces caught the girl, but no one helps her. Everybody just recording on their smartphones. WTF?

In a non-critical situation, Russians don’t have any sense of strong connection between them. When people say that “they have nothing to do with it” – it actually means that they have nothing to do with it.

The idea of helping someone against the Government is extremely difficult.

Therefore, protest rallies really exist and may gather thousands of people. People are against the war. Really, no joke, at least 40% of the population.

But there’s not so much effect: people are captured by Special Forces one by one. Even if 50 thousand gathered there.

Even in the biggest crowd, you’re actually alone. People may help you morally and psychologically, but not as an organized force.

This is the thing that doesn’t understand people who have never been to such rallies. I have been a few times)

People will stand up for people only if they are pulled out as groups. Not one at a time, but at least three. Special Forces will not make such a mistake.

But if it were not the authorities, but the invaders, the same people would obliterate them on the spot, regardless of their lives.

These people are not cowards. But they are trained to think in a very specific way, which effectively prevents rallies to work.

If we want to change something, we need to invent ways that actually work here, with these people. Carbon copying from other countries and situations is not exactly a very clever idea, sorry.

It’s so easy to say we’re doing nothing. The problem is, whatever we do is not working. At least, speaking about obvious things like protest marches. It just can’t. You can’t activate a mechanic that simply is not here.

If you know what to do here, you’re very welcome to comment, thank you.


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