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Privacy Policy and Terms of Oleg’s personal Facebook apps

This info is related to all personal apps like BigBrother.


This app is reserved for personal usage by Oleg Chirukhin.
If you’re not Oleg, please stop using this app right now.
You’re not allowed to do just anything.

Data deletion policy

If you’re not Oleg Chirukhin, you’re not allowed to store any data here, by any means.
If you’re Oleg Chirukhin you can do just anything and agree with yourself.

Personal Data

In order to receive information about your Personal Data, the purposes, and the parties the Data is shared with, contact the Owner.


if you are subject to the GDPR (e.g you live in European Union) just run. Even reading this page may have long and bad consequences for me and you.

Contact information

  • Owner and Data Controller: 630075, Russia, Novosibirsk, Narodnaya 25, kvartira 65
  • Owner contact email:

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